Each student has their own strengths and weaknesses.  Here we would like to focus on your individual traits to help you increase your English level in the most efficient way.  Being able to speak smoothly with confidence will not only of course increase your conversation skills, but listening, reading, and writing skills as well.

At ESB we don't want to limit students on their conversation topics.  Here we can adjust to your individual requests to practice various speaking techniques.  Other than everyday conversation, we can attune to your requests to practice topics such as travel, business, news, debates, and more!

Your own personal teacher!

Each student gets their own personal teacher so you can get the right support and coaching you need.  Many large conversation school students have a different teacher almost every week.  Therefore it is difficult to measure how much a student has improved or not.  With a single teacher, we can measure your level appropriately from your first class to help raise your English level as efficiently as possible.

Lessons built just for you

Classes are made to fit your style!  Depending on your goal, level, and time frame we can create a custom lesson made perfectly for you!

Increase your skills quickly with native teachers

For some students, the thought of being taught by a native English speaker might make you feel a bit uneasy.  But don't worry!  Our teachers have a lot of experience teaching students from all backgrounds.  Even if you have no experience practicing English conversation we can assure that each lesson is taught in a clear and easy to understand way.

Lesson Price

Private Lesson

1 Time 50 min. 4000 yen

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