Japanese Classes

For people with zero experience to advanced learners, we offer classes for all levels.

At ESB we offer a wide variety of classes.  The following are just a sample of the types of Japanese classes we offer here.  
We also can customize our curriculum to best suit your needs.  Come in any time for a free trial lesson and orientation!

Private and Group lessons are available

Pioneer Course

This course is geared for students who have little to no experience with Japanese. 
We will begin to build a solid base in the skills of





Beginner Course (JLPT N5 Level)

In this course we will focus on communicating in basic every day level situations.

Having already mastered Hiragana and Katakana, this course will also prepare students to begin reading and writing basic level Kanji.

Pre-Intermediate Course (JLPT N4 Level)

With a basic level of grammar at hand, this course will deepen your conversation ability by practicing more difficult patterns in grammar, as well as vocabulary.

You will also be able to read and write about 300-400 Kanji characters.

Intermediate Course (JLPT N3 Level)

In this course you will enchance your conversation ability by practicing vocabulary and grammar to speak in a variety of everyday situations.

Your Kanji recognization will also widen to about 500-600 characters.

Upper Intermediate Course (JLPT N2 Level)

This course will focus on conversation and reading used in more business style situations such as on the news, or in an office.

Kanji levels will be increased immensely to be able to read and write about 1000 characters.

Lesson Prices

Group Lesson

1 Time = 50 Minutes    1000 yen

Private Lesson

1 Time = 50 Minutes   1500 yen

Skype Lesson

1 Time = 30 Minutes    500 yen

Free Trial Lesson and Orientation

For those interested in taking a free trial lesson and hearing more about the classes we offer here, please fill-in the following form